Issue Brief on “President Ghani’s Speech at the UNGA: Need to Move Beyond the Rhetoric”

Addressing the 72nd session of UN General Assembly, Afghan  President Ashraf   Ghani   welcomed President Donald Trump’s recently announced strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia,  as well as plans to send more troops to Afghanistan.  He said that  enduring peace in Afghanistan  could only be achieved through a   political settlement,  and reiterated his previous call for the Afghan Taliban “to engage in intra-Afghan dialogue for  a political settlement … [since]  the Taliban would not win through war and that the group could only achieve  their goals through political ways.”[1]  Articulating further, he said that  “the roots of terrorism were  outside Afghanistan’s borders,  and   that there are  over 20 international terrorist groups with an imposed presence on Afghan soil.” [2]  Speaking about achieving peace in the region, President  Ghani   said  “there was an  opportunity for a dialogue between Kabul and her neighbours to work together earnestly to eliminate terrorism and contain extremism …. [and    Pakistan should]  engage with Kabul on a comprehensive state to state dialogue on peace, security and regional cooperation leading to prosperity.” [3]

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